Helping organizations engage and develop the next generation of leaders.

The Root

Organizations are structured institutions that are often designed with one overarching goal: business growth.  Where does this leave the individuals tasked with growing the business?

For individuals, the workplace -- where they spend nearly two-thirds of their waking hours -- is about gaining experience, finding meaning, and reaching goals.




The "Gap"

The challenge to balance business growth and personal growth within an organization creates a gap that comes with a heavy price tag.  Without personal and professional development opportunities, many bright young professionals feel trapped in overwhelming managerial positions or disengaged altogether.

Organizations do not address this gap to their detriment, and face poor employee engagement, low retention rates, and an alarming amount of missed opportunities.

The Opportunity

NextGen Coach fills this gap.

We offer coaching and consulting services for individuals, teams, and groups. We specialize in bringing methods and techniques formerly reserved for the C-suite to the next generation of young leaders.

With NextGen Coach, individuals realize their full potential and organizations turn gaps into opportunities.

How do we do it?


After literally years of somewhat aimless job changes and career “false starts”, I was feeling burned out

– and it showed at work and in my personal life. I was at a loss around how to make my next move much

more intentional. I was connected with Brian just before starting at a new company, and he’s provided

incredibly useful and insightful frameworks for increasing awareness in both professional and personal

areas. This awareness helps me align what I want to be doing with what I am actually d…

Andrew M.Senior Manager, Strategy and OperationsTechnology Company, 11-50 employeesDurham, NC